On the road to Vancouver
Dear fans, dear skating-friends,

the time has come, i am now on the way to Vancouver to the 21th Olympic Games. Last two weeks after the Europeans have been great. I'm in good shape and couldn't wait any longer.
I will try to keep in touch with you over my webpage and will show you the latest news and pictures. Therefore my webmaster and me made an Extra-Page for the Olympic Games.
Now I need to get to the aircraft...

Talk to you soon,

Sincerly Yours


Stefan with great Comeback
After about two years of injuries Stefan is back! Skating a great free program with two tripple axel Stefan ended up 8th in the free. Overall he ranked at a great 9th place. 203,95 is a new personal record at international competitions.
New European Champion is Evgeni Plushenko in front of Stephane Lambiel and Brian Joubert.

Stefan's own article of the Europeans will show up soon!

Your Team

9.Place after the short program
After a great short program without mistakes and a new personal record of 70,19 points, Stefan is ranked 9 right now. He didn't only show an excellent tripple Axel, but also a nice tripple-tripple-combination and great skating skills. The lead after the short took Evgeni Plushenko in front oof Brian Joubert and Yannick Ponsero.

click on the image to get some impressions from Tallinn.

Sincerly yours
Your Team

European Championchips 2010 at Tallinn
Today, the European Championchips 2010 will start at Tallinn. The draw is already done and I will start my short program as number 18. The Competition will start tomorrow at 11:00am. I will be on the ice at about 1:30pm.

Here you can find the most important links, see you later :

Eventpage of Euros 2010
Results and Time Schedule

Attention!!!! Calendar changed!!!
The Golden Spin in Zagreb, which i planned to skate, was canceled. Now there is new date for it, but i will skate at Merano Cup 2009 in Italy next week.

That's why my calendar changed.

Sincerly yours,

Qualification for Olympics, the second !
The first step is done: The second time after the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, I met the standard for the Olympic Games of 173 points. At the IceChallenge in Graz after a great Free Program without any fall and an excellent tripple Axel I reached 192,72 points. After the Short Program I was seventh, but with the second Free Program I could climb up to fifth place. That means, that I could collect important world standing points, which are essential for the Nomination to the Olympic Winter Games. Only the one German man with the most world standing points will go to the games.

The rules for the German Qualification you can find here: (German Language) .

Sincerly yours,

new pictures of Nebelhorn Trophy at Oberstdorf online
At my gallery you can find new pictures of Nebelhorn Trophy 2009 at Oberstdorf !

It has been a while since you've heard from me, but finally the day has come.
First of all let's take a short look back.
I actually planned my comeback for the past season, but it didn't happen due to new injury problems and illness. I fell sick just before German Nationals and was in bed with a cold and high temperature. I recovered quite well from that until I slipped while jogging on the snow and hurt my groin again. I underwent therapy for six weeks and as a result my season was over before it even had started. I underwent therapy in the Olympic Centre in Berlin and then I spent three weeks in Munich treated by the magical hands of our official German team physiotherapist Marianne Martin and her crew. This took place from mid January to end of February. The therapy continued then at the same time as my rehabilitation training in Berlin. Since then I'm completely pain-free until today. In April, we put together a new free program to the movie soundtrack of "Hancock". It was choreographed by Iwo Svec. I kept last season's short program to music from the movie "The Firm".
Right now everything is going really well. Last week I was able to perform a clean short program during a test skate. There still is a lot of work left as I have to fight end of September for a spot for Germany at the Olympic Games. I want to be as strong as possible for that.
From July 30 to August 8 I will take part in a training camp in Oberstdorf together with my practice group and the German junior skaters.
For my scheduled competitions please refer as usual to the calendar.

Good news
After the rather bad news last time I now can tell you that I'm doing very well. I've been training hard and I'm preparing for German Nationals. Before that I will compete next week at the NRW Trophy in Dortmund. My practice and my fitness are improving day by day. Right now we focus on run-throughs of the programs, but we are also polishing the technique. I hope I will be in good shape by the time Nationals arrive.
Sincerly yours, Stefan

After I progressed a lot in the past few weeks and landed the triple Axel again after one and a half years, I don't have good news today. Unfortunately I can't compete next weekend as planned. The reason behind this decision is an irritation of the interior ligament in my left ankle joint. I'm undergoing now physical therapy and I hope to be back on the ice starting with next week. My first competition now will be the Thuringia Cup on November 14 and 15 in Erfurt.
Sincerly yours,

Hello dear skating friends!
Finally there are some news from my side. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for such a long time. As you know, I underwent groin surgery on both sides last year. Everything went very well and I've been preparing for the new season for a while now. I don't have any problems with the groin anymore. I have no pain and I can't wait to compete again. Finally, my first competition will be in early November. I want to skate in the Berlin Open Championships, which will be my first competition in one and a half years. My plan is to get used to competitions again by going to a couple of smaller events. German Nationals from December 18 to 21 in Oberstdorf will be the first highlight of the season. For other events, please refer to the calendar.
Best wishes,

The second surgery went well
Today's surgery also went well. Stefan is doing fine. He is already on his way to Erfurt where he will start rehabiltiation and first practice. We will keep you updated.
the webmaster

First surgery went well
It is now Thursday afternoon and Stefan's first surgery went well. He has started to walk already. We'll keep you posted on tomorrow's surgery and Stefan's further progress.
the webmaster

Groin surgery is coming
As most of you will know, I had to cancel my Grand Prix assignments because my adductor muscles keep bothering me. When it didn't get better after I took some rest and underwent therapy, I decided to go from Berlin to Erfurt for treatment. After intensive physiotherapy and examinations we found out that I have problems with my groin. I was diagnosed with a "soft groin" (not quite a hernia yet but on the way to one) on both sides. The left side is worse than the right side. I then drove last Wednesday to Munich to consult Dr. Muschawek on Thursday. She specializes in this field and Evgeni Plushenko went to her for surgery. She diagnosed me with a "soft groin" on both sides, the right side is a little ruptured. Surgery is necessary. She recommended to do surgery on the left side as well just because I also could get problems there in the future, maybe in the next few weeks, maybe in two years. Nobody can tell, but to be sure I will have surgery on both sides. The dates are this Thursday and Friday and I will have surgery in Starnberg near Munich.
What will happen after the surgery? I will let everything heal completely so I won't have any problems in the future. My goal then is after rehabilitation and rehabilitation practice to get back on to the ice in mid January.
Sincerly yours,

I've been training in Berlin again since early June after finishing my last sergeant's course with the German army in April and May. My new free program to music from "Beetlejuice" is ready, but we still have to work on some details.
I have five weeks left until my first competition. I hope I will be in good shape by then. Right now, it's still a little difficult. I also have some trouble with my new boots that won't really belong to me yet. But there is still a little time left and I will try my best to give a decent performance in my first competition of the season.
Sincerly yours, Stefan

Backstage pictures from Europeans and Worlds 2007
I noticed the critiscm that my website isn't always up to date and therefore I posted some new backstage pictures from the European Championships in Warsaw and the World Championships in Tokyo in the photo gallery.
I'll be back soon with further news and dates.
Sincerely yours,


Back on track
Following the setback in the short program where neither rank 17 nor my performance were what I expected I was able to move up six spots in the free skating to finish 11th. This result is something to build on. Overall I'm pleased with Europeans as I showed definite improvements over my last competitions, especially concerning the free skating.
Sincerly yours,

Europeans in Warsaw

Hello dear skating friends,

greetings from Warsaw. The first practice sessions went well and so far I've got positive impressions.

You'll find further information and results here on my site and under following links::

ISU Result Page
Official website ECh 2007:
Offizielle Homepage der EM in Warschau

Sincerely yours Stefan

German Champion 2007
After not competing for 11 months and overcoming many setbacks I finally was able to compete again. It was great to finally get out there on the ice in front of an audience, although there was a lot of stress as I've been back to full practice for about four weeks only. I'm glad to have defended the title. Even though not everything was perfect yet, I'm looking into to the future optimistically.
Sincerely yours,

oto shooting
You'll find some new pictures in the Backstge-Galerie. They were done at a photo shooting by Athletic Model.

Yours, Stefan

Cancellation of my Grand Prix events
Unfortunately I had to cancel my two Grand Prix events in the USA and Canada because of a virus infection. I'm now getting better and I was able to increase my practice since a week now. My first public appereance probably will be at the ARD-Gala (exhibition) on November 26 in Mannheim.
See you soon,


New pictures online !
You'll find new photos from the Olympic Games in Turin and the exhibition tour "Stars on Ice 2006" in the Backstage Galerie .
Have a look right away! :o)

Sincerly yours, Stefan

The new season can start
As most of you will know by now I've moved to Berlin to train under Viola Striegler. I've adapted to life in Berlin and I'm feeling very much at home. The new free program for the upcoming season is ready and we're just polishing the short program. Overall I'm doing better in practice and hope to get my consistency back this season. I'm definitely on the right way.
Greetings to all of you!
Yours, Stefan

Many thanks to my fans
Thank you very much to all of you who kept your fingers crossed for me in Turin and later on offered consolation. All your encouraging messages in my guestbook as well as all the sms messages that I got after the Games made me really happy. For this I want to thank you all and I'm proud to have such loyal fans.
Sincerly yours,


Stefan cancels Worlds
As you for sure will know, the Olympic Games and the last competitions of the season didn't go as expected although I skated well in practice. In order to take a rest and to come back refreshed and mentally strong next season I decided to end this season prematurely and not to go to Worlds in Calgary. Nobody has to worry about me, though, I'll be back next season!
Starting orders have been drawn
The starting numbers have been drawn. Stefan will skate with number 19, which is first in the fourth (next to last) warm up group. The competition will kick off tonight, February 14 at 7 p.m.
Your team Stefan Lindemann
Olypic Games Turin 2006 " Opening Ceremony"

Stefan Lindemann was interviewed by German TV right after the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Turin. The Games have begun. Stefan is in very good shape and we can expect a lot from him. He is saying hello to all his fans and is looking forward to the upcoming competition. You'll find information on the events in Turin right here.
Live results from Turin:
live results

Greetings Your team Stefan Lindemann
Click on the pictures to show them enlarged

Europeans 2006 have started
Europeans in Lyon kicked off yesterday. It went really well for the German team: Beier/Beier are ranked 12th after the compulsory dance and are just a hundreth of a point away from the Olympic qualification criteria. Aljona and Robin are ranked third after the short and are close to a medal while Rebecca and Daniel are sixth and also on the way to qualify for the Olympics. We shouldn't forget about Eva-Maria and Rico, who are sitting in eightth and also would fulfill the qualifying criteria. Too bad that Germany has only two spots for the pairs! My competition will start on Friday.
Here a link to all the results from Europeans:


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German Nationals 2006 coming up
German Nationals 2006 will start early next week in Berlin. Here are the most important links and information:
Trainingszeitplan (PDF) (practice schedule)
Veranstaltungszeitplan (PDF)(competition schedule)
Meldeliste (PDF)(list of entries)
Ergebnisse (ab 28.12.05 nach Ende des jeweiligen Wettbewerbs) (results)
alle Infos zur DM2006 (all information on the German Skating Union's website)

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Merry Christmas
I wish all of you a merry christmas and a happy and successful new year 2006!
Sincerly yours, Stefan

Welcome to my official homepage!
I'm very pleased to welcome you on my new official homepage. Enjoy!
Sincerly yours,