Olympic Games 2010 at Vancouver

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Olympia-News from Vancouver

Overjoyed after an excellent Short Program!!!
Hi Everybody, with a great performance at yesterdays Short Program I had a very good start at the Olympic Games. Unfortunately the result with rank 17 and only 68,5 points doesn't tell it. Some strange decisions have been made yesterday at an apart from that awesome event. Tomorrow, or rather tonight I will start with number 7 into the last Free Program of my career. I am really looking forward to it.
I wish everybody a great event and fun watching it!

I'll be back after the Free,

Sincerly yours,

Just one more night!!!!
Finally tomorrow my competition will start. With startingnumber 14 I will compete at my last big competition. The practice sessions here in Vancouver went great and I am really looking forward to my first performance at the Pacific Coliseum. As far as i know all tikets are sold out, so there will be 14200 spectators at the rink. It will be a gorgeous event with the best skaters of the world.
I also have some new pictures for you! Enjoy them!

Sincerly yours Stefan

Hallo from Vancouver!!!
After a good 15 hours flight, i arrieved at Vancouver. Without any problems during the flight and with the baggage I also had a good first night. I woke up at 4am, but I didn't have problems fall asleep again. Today we also have bee at the City and it's really great here! The people are so nice and everybody is happy that the Games are beginning soon.
Of course I'm also happy :-):-):-)!!!
Click here for the first pictures !

Bis bald

Euer Stefan